Shopping isn’t like it used to be.

Create apps your customers want to use. Fast.

64% of shoppers now turn to their mobile first. *

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Are you thinking mobile first yet?

Today’s consumers demand 24/7 access to your brand, using whatever device is most convenient for them. They want to make purchases and track their goods any time, get instant access wherever they are, and receive immediate notification of deals and offers.

Over 45%of all online sales are made via a mobile phone.

Over 60%of shoppers have made a purchase on their phones.

Over 80%of customers use their phones to comparison shop in-store.

A website is no longer enough.

With an app, you’ll convert more customers. See higher spend per visit. And boost customer retention.

You need mobile Web to attract new customers and you also need a fully integrated mobile app for both Apple and Android to give your most loyal customers the service they expect. With an app, you’ll convert more customers, you’ll see higher spend per visit, and you’ll boost customer retention. More customers, more customer satisfaction, more revenue.

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Ombori Gridapp is a cost effective, easy solution

With Ombori Gridapp, you’ll get a fully-featured m-commerce app for Apple and Android that’s fully integrated with your existing Web site and backend systems. It’s faster and cheaper than going to an agency or expanding your internal IT team. We’ll get you up and running within a few days, and we’ll take care of all the maintenance and upgrades for you. And there’s absolutely nothing to pay up front and no long-term contract.

Super-fast development

Our proprietary technology can create a demo version of your app in just a few minutes. We can usually deploy your fully-featured, fully-branded app for both iOS and Android to the app stores within 48 hours.

No up-front cost or contract

You don’t pay a development fee for your app and there’s no contract. Your costs are based solely on success and increased sales, and you can cancel any time. We’re 100% confident that Ombori Gridapp will deliver measurable value to your bottom line.

SEO & ASO benefits

Having a properly integrated app will boost your Web site’s Google ranking by between one and four places. It will also give your app maximum prominence in the app stores

Deep website integration

Close integration at the code level with your existing Web site and back end systems allows for a true omnichannel experience. Let your customers access your store on whatever device they choose, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

Convert more customers

App users are 70% more likely to complete a purchase than mobile Web users. Reduce cart abandonment and increase sales with an app designed around UX and ease of use, with fully integrated mobile payment systems.

Attract VIP users

App users are 400% more likely to return than mobile Web users and spend over 300% more each visit. Giving your customers an app allows you to build a relationship with your most valuable customers.

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About us

Innovations for a fast-changing world

We are an international team of designers, coders and thinkers. We make products that give our clients an unfair advantage in the digital world. Ombori Gridapp is part of the Ombori Group, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Gridapp was founded in 2016 to commercialize and develop Ombori’s pioneering PresenceKit platform, and has grown rapidly to a team of 30 people based around the world.

Our mission is to deliver innovative m-commerce and fintech solutions that meet the needs of the next generation of retailers and financial companies. Our clients include retailers from every sector, from fashion and pharmacy to groceries and auto parts.

Key Staff

Andreas Hassellöf


Rui Tian